June-August Fall’s Coming!

So, the next chapter that comes after May!

We have hosted two poker runs since the last time I was able to update the site.

The first was John Vasek’s poker run that was hosted June 10. We raised around $1,200 for John! Yay!

The second run was the Noble County Public Schools Run. It was so much fun and we had a great turn out and wonderful food provided by each school! We raised around $1,228 that was used to purchase school supplies and load gift cards so that teachers could purchase additional supplies throughout the year. These supplies and gift cards will be divided evenly between Perry, Morrison, Billings and Red Rock schools this month.

The last of the old news is that we hosted a garage sale at the Dawg House on August 11-12. We raised enough money at the garage sale to pay off our tax dues! We are now 100% officially a charitable organization and we are debt free!

In my personal bit of old news, I had a WONDERFUL and much needed vacation after all that moving in May. Aaaawwwww….vacations!

Upcoming Events to look out for!

This Friday, August 26 we will have a potluck Wheel’s Night at Ace’s High Bar in Perry, OK. Address: 306 N. 6th Street, Perry, OK 73077. Sign up sheet for food is currently circulating Facebook!

September 16, N.C.I.B will ride in the 16th Celebration parade in Perry. Details will continue to be posted as we get them. We will not have a booth this year.


September 23 was marked as a potential membership trip. Since we have a bike night September 22, we have moved that potential membership trip to Saturday, September 30. As the time nears, we will do a poll to see who would like to attend the trip and where you would like to go.

Gallery and calendar is updated here and I have added the photos on Facebook as well!

Football season is nearing, I can’t believe our summer is nearing an end.