February Meeting Recap!

At our last meeting we had a potluck dinner before the start and everyone enjoyed it so much that we have decided to continue having potlucks! Yay!! It is totally understandable if work/life prevents you from contributing to the potluck. However, last Tuesday we had PLENTY of food so come eat and enjoy time with friends. For those who can contribute, we appreciate you!

Old Business:

  • We reiterated that we are going to take it easy this year and focus more on fellowship and group rides. Fun type activities!!
  • The First Responders dinner has been postponed until later in the year (more information to come).
  • We still have 2017 NCIB T-Shirts for sale. All sizes for $10 per shirt. As soon as we clear them out, we can make way for new 2018 designs.

New Business:

  • Steve Bay and Kristy McKisson are working on contacting all of the schools for the Noble County Public Schools Poker Run that will be held in August. Any members who are interested in helping put together this run or any upcoming event, your help and support is greatly appreciated. I will try to let you all know what officers and/or members are heading committees so you know who to contact when you want to help! This year Morrison will be the first stop and at this time they are planning a pancake breakfast again. Yay! Red Rock at this time is planning to have a dinner that evening. Yay! (More information to come and information is always subject to change).
  • We will also continue participating in our regular annual events, such as the FOP run.
  • There are plans in the near future to mow Camp Tandako (more information to come).
  • We will be hosting a wheels night in conjunction with a pool and dart tournament on Sat. June 16 at Ace’s. It will be a potluck dinner. Pool Tournament Information (so far)-$10 buy in. There will be a Calcutta. 32 players maximum. Dart Tournament Information (so far)-$5 buy in. Line draw doubles. 32 players maximum. There will be a 50/50 drawing and door prizes. All vehicles are welcome. Registration will begin at 6:00 p.m. (more information to come, flyers coming soon and information is always subject to change).

Other News:

  • Kristy McKisson’s grandson is looking to do some community service and would be willing to do some odd jobs for members if they have them. If you have an odd job, you might hit Kristy up!

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, March 6. 6:30 p.m. Potluck meal begins, 7:00 p.m. Meeting begins. The meeting will be held at The DAWG House (1218.5 Rainbow Drive, Perry, OK 73077). This potluck could potentially have a theme so keep up with Facebook as that is where that information will be provided. We hope to see you all there! Until then ride and be safe!


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