March Meeting Recap!

Woo Hoo!! Oh, did March get away from me!?! Well, this is better late than never…
Meeting recap from March 6, 2018

Things to remember about meeting recaps!
-Votes still take place in person at the meetings. 
-If you would like to make a suggestion, discuss a motion or event or have something brought to the attention of the group, please feel free to post here. If you would like to remain anonymous, please email your inquiries to or private message me and I will post them here anonymously.

Old Business:
-We still have 2017 NCIB T-shirts for sale. All sizes are $10 per shirt. As soon as we clear them out, we can make way for new 2018 designs!

New Business:
-The treasury report stated that our current balance was sitting at $1,795.01.
-The group discussed the Noble County Public Schools Poker Run to be held Saturday, August 18, 2018. During an officer meeting held Feb. 20 the officers had discussed coming up with a fundraiser that could benefit each school and potentially gain them more money for the year. They brought their discussion to the attention of the group. It was discussed and approved by the membership to spend around $100 per each county school (Perry, Morrison, Billings, Red Rock) to purchase 4 tablets that the schools could sell raffle tickets for throughout the year. We were going to suggest the schools sell raffle tickets for $1 per 1 ticket or $6 per 5 tickets but ultimately would leave it up to each public school system in each area to determine how they would like to raffle the tablets. The idea is that the schools can begin selling raffle tickets as soon as they receive their tablet and will not announce the winner of the tablets until the poker run date. The membership also decided that the money raised at the poker run would be distributed to the schools, potentially via a gift card, so the schools could decide the exact items they need that would benefit their classrooms versus us using the money and shopping to determine those needs. Now we are looking for individuals interested in working on the school poker run committee to aid us in making this event more successful than it’s ever been (and I feel we have done pretty darn good these past 2 years 😉). If you are interested, please let us know! We appreciate the new ideas, the help and will put in as much work as you will!

Next meeting is Tuesday, April 3, 6:30 pm @ The Dawg House. See everyone there who can make it!


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