April/May/June Meeting Recap

So, you might have wondered if I started slacking off again and the answer is both yes and no. To be honest, we haven’t really discussed anything new! But, I will tell you what we have discussed below as well as share some upcoming event information. 🙂

Meeting Recap for April/May/June:

Things to remember about meeting recaps!

-Votes still take place in person at the meetings.

-If you would like to make a suggestion, discuss a motion or event or have something brought to the attention of the group, please feel free to post here. If you would like to remain anonymous, please email your inquiries to kotikeith@yahoo.com or private message me and I will post them here anonymously.


Old Business April/May/June:

-We still have 2017 NCIB T-Shirts for sale. All sizes are $10 per shirt. As soon as we clear them out, we can make way for 2018 designs….or really 2019 designs at this point. Haha!

New Business April:

-The Treasury Report in April stated that our current balance was sitting at $1,443.10.

-The four tablets discussed in March were purchased for the Noble County Public Schools (Perry, Billings, Red Rock and Morrison). They were distributed to each school and will be given away at the poker run on August 18 if the school chooses to do so at the event. Each school received a Kindle.

-Our bike night (all vehicles welcome) will be held June 16, 2018 and details were discussed at the April meeting. I have posted the flyer on Facebook, so please share as the event is just around the corner.

-The Todd Hatchett Benefit Poker Run hosted by the Eagle Riders was held on April 28 and went through Perry during the Springfest festivities. We appreciate the members who participated in that event. We did not have a booth at Springfest this year.

-Howdy thanked everyone for their support during his recent back surgery!

-Member Sandi Conner’s daughter, Shalyn, was involved in a car accident and we appreciate NCIB members who assisted and participated in the fundraisers that aided the family during Shalyn’s recovery.

-NCIB agreed to pay Gordon Meadows $120 for the customized poker run signs that he made for our poker runs stops.


New Business May:

-The Treasury Report in May stated that our current balance was sitting at $1,169.76.

-The membership looked over donated wooden guns that Gordon Meadows made for event giveaways.

-We are currently working on and wrapping up getting door prizes for bike night on June 16. If you know of anyone or any business who might like to donate a door prize, please let us know!

-The last week in June, NCIB will be mowing CCC lake for Camp Tandako. We would appreciate any volunteer efforts and will need assistance from individuals who have and do not mind NCIB using mowing equipment such as lawn mowers, push mowers and weed eaters.


New Business June:

-Your historian/updater is playing co-ed softball on Tuesday nights with her co-workers. I will not be able to attend the June, July and August meetings. So, I got a basic re-cap from our President. Most of what was discussed in June was preparation for our June 16 Bike Night at Ace’s High Bar. There is a sign up sheet on Facebook for the potluck and we really need everyone to participate! Please sign up on the Noble County Independent Bikers Facebook page with your dish. We are also still working on gathering door prizes, so again if you know of any individual or business who would like to donate a door prize for our bike night, please let us know!

Thank you all for your never ending patience with my super busy schedule! Hope to see you all next weekend! Until then check out some of the upcoming motorcycle events that were shared to our Facebook page, below.  🙂


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